This pavilion is a small universally accessible viewing deck, kiosk and change facility for people with disabilities to access and enjoy the beach. The prefabricated solution can be erected and dismantled at the beginning and end of summer. 

Evocative of a mollusc, the design encompasses an outer protective shell from prevailing winds. The external cladding, established through surfboard construction research, incorporates hand shaped high density polystyrene, mechanically and chemically fixed to a simple hot dip galvanised steel framed substructure. The polystyrene is protected with a high impact resistant 2 pack polymer coating, finished with a 3 pack anti-graffiti paint system. 

This combination is light weight, non-corrosive, highly insulating, vandal resistant, simple to erect and maintain. Sliding doors housed in wall cavities allow for flexible screening against changing wind directions and for the facility to be secured after hours. The building is founded on screw piles that can be removed when required to avoid any lasting impact on the site.