The innovative Curtin University HV Substation B153 project will not only provide a new highly functional and practical replacement HV/LV substation it will also transform the existing campus forecourt where it is situated amongst the nursing and business departments. Seeing an opportunity beyond just providing a functional substation, CAA's design also incorporates a terrace roof over the substation accessed via landscaped embankments to create a new outdoor space for students and staff to enjoy.

Perforated metal artwork screening over the walls of the substation provide a welcoming entry to the precinct where this was lacking previously. The project was closely coordinated by CAA with an immediately adjacent major mechanical services upgrade project (i.e. underground chilled water Pipework etc.) and also needed to be very carefully coordinated with a very large number of existing below ground services. These complex interfaces had to be well coordinated to ensure minimal impact of construction on student and staff access to the surrounding departments and to ensure no impact on any existing critical university services provisions. A temporary substation was also incorporated into the project which required careful consideration of staging of the works to accommodate the demolition of the existing substation without affecting ongoing service provision, as well as the initial installation and then eventual removal of the temporary substation.