The Mt Lawley station DDA upgrade project involved a significant range of station enhancements. These included a new larger station shelter, whole of platform surface paving upgrade including provision of tactile ground surface indicators, lighting and PA upgrade, new station and precinct signage, public artwork, new platform seating and bin provisions, new platform drainage and wash down facilities, universal parking provisions, new bicycle parking u-rails, new audio loop for hearing augmentation, general upgrade of station electrical, CCTV and communications services and infrastructure (including new gatic pits with non-slip trafficable pit lids set flush with the platform surface) as well as edge angle bonding and a general earthing and bonding upgrade.

The new station shelter significantly increases the extent of cover and seating provisions on the platform. The shelter incorporates polished concrete columns and low level beam elements which provide a highly attractive and robust finish. The exposed aggregate of the concrete has flecks of green, black, pink and white natural stone set in the light grey matrix/background.

Signage was carefully considered and coordinated as part of the project. This included signage panels that were specifically designed to clad the SEC cubicle to give the cubicle a fresh new appearance, to minimise clutter on the platform and to ensure signage was well integrated into the station rather than being an afterthought. Free standing public artwork by Gordon Mitchell on the platform and at the adjacent Railway Parade Carpark adds an inviting and playful element for commuters to enjoy. 

The Mt Lawley station DDA upgrade has proven to be a highly successful project and has performed very well since its opening in mid-2012.

Photographer: Trasko Photographics