The Beckenham Station DDA upgrade is designed to provide a more attractive, legible and inviting station environment. The two distinctive station shelters are clad in yellow pre-painted fibre cement sheet which signifies the colour of the Armadale line and provides a welcoming, recognisable gateway to the station precinct. The new shelters provide increased cover to protect passengers from the sun and driving rain and are almost identical in appearance, size and form. This design approach achieves a more unified overall station appearance that makes it simple for people to understand how to use the station. 

A significant design initiative was the removal of the major service pits located on the platform by creating vertical service cabinets incorporated into the concrete retaining wall at the rear of each platform. This ensures minimal disruption to both maintenance personnel and patrons and decreases slip and trip hazards that may arise over time. The platform has also been designed to minimise passenger congestion problems previously experienced at the station. The extensive length of each shelter coupled with the positioning of structural support columns on top of the retaining walls maximises pedestrian circulation.

The project includes integrated public artwork representing Yule Brook – a natural water course that is of significance to the heritage of Beckenham. Symbolic droplets of water have been formed into the balustrading along the rear edge of the platform, revealing itself and creating an illusion of movement as the viewer moves alongside it through the station precinct.

Photographer: Trasko Photographics