The new Information Kiosk in Forrest Place is seen as an opportunity to introduce a contemporary object into the space that acts as a gateway between Murray Street and Forrest Place.

The Information Kiosk is staffed by volunteers who are on hand every day to answer queries about the city and provide all the latest information on events, activities, shopping and attractions in the City of Perth.  The Kiosk provides free resources including city maps and self-guided tour brochures and the volunteers also conduct orientation walking tours and speciality walking tours of the city.
The design incorporates two key components being the information kiosk booth and the canopy over extends to provide an outdoor covered area.  The kiosk as a whole then becomes a meeting and greeting place and to creates a dynamic experience for visitors to the City.  The fluid form is an intentional counterpoint to the classical backdrop of the surrounding buildings.

The Kiosk design promotes improved customer service facilities, a resultant enhanced viability and rebranding of the City’s premier civic space. The facility is orientated on the Murray street axis working in harmony with existing pedestrian flows, providing good sun and wind protection from the west and casts a useable area of shade from the northern sun. The City of Perth describes the design as a ‘bold and contemporary approach to the architecture for this key city location’.

Photographer: Trasko Photographics